The first pre-publication version of the beta now lives in India. Stay updated with modern updates.

Competition in multi-lingual languages ​​at the top of the Call of Duty Call at the top of the list. mobile!


Dollarondge is an emergency situation. Call of Duty®: Mobile uses various quality cards and models called Call of Duty® franc networks, including Call of Duty®. Blackout and the basic modern war war. Multi-player is only the first step. Various game play updates, including the unique "Call of Duty" military experience.

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#444444; font-family: "Droid Sans"; font-size: 14px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" />Call of Duty® MLM provides a wide range of photos, equipment, clothes, ropes, wire mesh and calls from Duty Duty® location. It can be used to customize your performance.

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Use your abilities to improve the race or win the tournament with friends.

Building and best phone

the best part. Call of Duty: Mobile plays for free. "Call of Duty" are great camcorders and game enthusiasts in the human-toy experience.
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